CFS2 Missions


My first mission
Christmas is a fictitious
affair, activity being centred around Christmas Island,
1200 miles south of Hawaii. Take your flight of Zeros, identify and cripple
their oil supplies.
Hopefully this action will keep troops tied up out of the combat zone.
This mission
BreweryBash is another ficticious affair set
in the USA/Norway Beer War..t

Anti-submarine mission
Subsink Sink the ace killer sub but avoid allied casualties.

Add a Harrier (AV8B)
Here is a copy of the Harrier dp file
HarrierDp. It has a full weapons pack.
I use this to create havoc in the Pacific (CFS2).
Use the SeaHarrierFRS1, by Bill Cusick, textures by Robert A Fett, made for FS98.
Google will find it.

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