TriggerMultipleSignalsTane.cdp Example of the usage of Trigger Multiple Signals

For T:ane all built-in.

Example_schedules.cdp Feeding industries using a schedule, Also T:ane

Helper.cdp route to demonstrate the AI helper TRS19.

HelperSession.cdp Session to demonstrate the AI helper.

Rules required:

Resource Verify Rule (fixed) <kuid:160293:10060>

Driver Schedule Rule <kuid2:82445:90001:9>

Schedule Library <kuid2:192081:12:5>

All on the DLS.

turntable_demo_route.cdp Route to demo use of a turntable.

turntable_demo_session.cdp session to suit.

Example turntables AJS_route_TaneSP3.cdp Two turntables in operation.

Example turntables AJS_session_TaneSP3.cdp session to suit.

Made for Tane SP3 shows a consist making repeat trips to an industry.

runaround.cdp Route. runaround_session.cdp Session.

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